Discreet Affair: How Not to Be Caught

March 03, 2017

Today, it is rather hard to have clandestine contacts, especially online, if you are married or have a girlfriend. Modern technology makes the process of finding a girl you like easier but more evident to others. But do not feel disappointed. We can teach you how to be careful and not to be caught by your spouse.


Start With a Blank Slate

The most common mistake of many guys is hooking up with the help of social networks. It will be very easy for your wife or girlfriend to look through your messages and find everything out. Creating a new account in social networks is also a bad way to start. You can be easily found by other people. Remember that all the information your profile contains is not private. “What am I to do?” you will ask. 

We have an answer.The easiest and most reliable option for you are adult dating sites. These sites can be visited by anyone, but no one can view your profile if they do not have an account there. While adult dating sites are the most secure way for you, do not forget about general safety regulations. Firstly, you should create a new email address, but do not forget to log out of it. Then, you should unsubscribe from the email newsletter, disable notifications and, of course, delete the signup email. And do not forget to clean up your email trash. Girls like to check it too, hoping to see the results of your indiscretion.



The history of your browser is a very important thing that can easily make you score an own goal. That is why you should be sure that every time you close your browser, you can live in security. However, cleaning up your browsing history is not a good way. It is not only hard but can also leave some troublesome evidence. Using a private browsing mode or going incognito is the best option here. If you use Google Chrome, just press CTRL+SHIFT+N to open a new incognito tab (For Internet Explorer and Firefox users, it will be CTRL+SHIFT+P). 

Moreover, you can use a private browsing mode in other web browsers, and it does not matter whether you use a PC or a mobile phone. How does it work? All your web history, cookies, and passwords are not saved. So, everyone who wishes to check your browsing activity sees nothing, as if you were not browsing at all. Visit adult dating sites through an incognito tab, and you will always be sure that no one will find out about it.


Phone Number

Your phone is the biggest risk. Surely, you can use a passcode option to be sure that your girlfriend or wife will never check all your private messages. But when a girl sees that her boyfriend is using a passcode, she starts to shoot questions at you. And that is not good. But even if you decide to confine yourself to a passcode, remember that the text of a new message can show up on your screen. Any girl will notice it. An extra cellphone is also a bad idea. It will not help you avoid tricky questions.

Our recommendation here is to make all your arrangements through messaging on adult dating sites. It is the easiest and the most secure way. Especially, if your new date mate decides to call you, let us say, at night.



Always use a condom not to get into a scrape. It is not only about unintentional pregnancy but also about your health. Even if your date mate claims that she takes pills, do not believe her. She can easily forget to take one. Moreover, you cannot be sure that you will not catch any disease that will not only make you miserable but also affect your wife or girlfriend and will easily bring your love affairs to light.

Try not to drink too much to control the situation and, of course, say “no” to any strange pills your date mate offers.