Three Fantastic Video Sex Chat Websites and Applications

July 10, 2017


Nowadays there is a staggering abundance of video sex chat websites available online. Moreover, many of them have developed their mobile versions, as well as applications for smartphone users in order to allow uninterrupted access for their subscribers. However, the overwhelming majority of them are hardly good enough. This is why we have assembled a dedicated team of industry professionals, who have carried out extensive research of thousands of video sex chat websites and applications available online today. Based on the findings of their research, they have prepared a selection of the finest online destinations for adult sex chat. Without much further ado, we present you with a list of the three top video adult chat platforms.

1)    WhoaGirls

The first website on our selection is WhoaGirls, a video adult chat platform that is certainly among the finest in the field available nowadays. What is unique about this particular website is its personal touch to it, which means that broadcasters are especially keen on making a 1-on-1 connection with viewers in their chat rooms. This helps to establish an actual relationship between those broadcasting themselves and the frequent visitors of their chat rooms. 

When it comes to particular technical properties of this wonderful platform, it boasts a great abundance of useful functions. As soon as you visit the website, you are likely to be impressed with its neat and clean layout of all of their live cameras. On this overview you may move between different online chat rooms that are presented here, load previews of each one and get a little peek into that or another chat room. Obviously, this tool is very useful because if it weren’t in place, you would have to spend quite a bit of time browsing all of those numerous live cameras and trying to find the best one. 

All in all, WhoaGirls is a really efficient website that offers access to great video adult chat rooms at no charge at all, which is obviously an advantage as well. What makes this particular platform stand out from the crowd of countless other websites of similar nature is that it gives you an opportunity to create an actual personal relationship with the person you are watching in the video sex chat room and talking to.

2)    IHeartGuys

iHeartGuys is a rather reputable gay platform, which allows any adult man to broadcast their own online video chat room. It unites a decently sized gay community that focuses primarily on the 1-on-1 approach to video sex chatting. As soon as you visit one of the platform’s numerous gay sex chat rooms, you will realize that is laid out in a group chat format. This is rather useful, as it helps to get an initial feel of the broadcaster’s character and personality. If you find somebody you are attracted to, you may then create a private video sex chat online with that person. In addition to this, all broadcasters have a built-in inbox feature, which allows one to send direct messages to other members of the community, even when they are offline.

What is particularly great about iHeartGuys is how easy and enjoyable it makes the process of selection of who exactly you want to approach. In terms of its aesthetic overview, it resembles WhoaGirls with its helpful hover-to-preview tool. It allows members to have a little peek into that or another video adult chat room before actually visiting it. Based on the user experience of using this incredible platform, it is fair to say that the overwhelming majority of broadcasters here are friendly and approachable, which is very crucial. In case you are looking for a video adult chat platform that caters predominantly for the homo- and bisexual community, iHeartGuys is the perfect destination for you. 

3)    Flirtlu

Flirtlu is a remarkably effective video adult chat application, which offers free access to thousands of online cams on platforms like WhoaGirls and iHeartGuys. All of the currently available live cams are neatly organized and sorted according to their respective categories. We have already mentioned the utmost importance of an effortless and user-friendly and that is exactly what the creators of Flirtlu had in mind when they were developing the platform. Users of this website benefit from an ability to effortlessly browse thousands of live broadcasters, amazing mobile navigation, optimized categorization and other great functions. 

Most of the users that decide to broadcast themselves to other members on the site either in a party theme, whereby they create certain goals in their video adult chat rooms. The users who are watching the video stream are then encouraged to contribute in order to reach those goals. This helps to make the overall user experience incredibly fun to watch, listen and take part in. 

On the other hand, many broadcasters also tend to opt for a more personal approach, somewhat similar to those of WhoaGirls and iHeartGuys. You may join one of the hundreds of chat rooms and enjoy a direct 1-on-1 conversation with the streamer or set up a private chat instead. As a result, Flirtlu provides its customers with a choice between a party-themed and a personal approach to video adult chat online.