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If the site's new rebranded slogan “Find your moment" is just the way you feel now, join this dating site and make your private life play out in fresh colours. Here you will meet lots of married men and women who are searching for new moments which will enliven their dull days in wedlock. One of the largest online dating databases almost guarantees your high chances of starting a liaison soon.

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Beyond from the unconventional nature of this dating platform, crafted for marital infidelity, the site also proudly presents several unique features.  In particular, “Fantasy Date” and “Travelling Man”. You can choose one of the offered backgrounds in the instant chat window with the feature “Fantasy Date”.  Changing the background helps in making the atmosphere more intimate and pleasing. If you are going on a trip, the “Travelling Man” feature was uniquely designed for you, as it allows you to find an online partner at the place you are traveling to. In addition to these exclusive features, you will find lots of other features that are commonplace in all the most popular dating sites. 


The site provides two search options: Basic and Advanced. Sort the members by age range, location, and online status with the help of the Basic Search. Advanced search empowers you to get matches sorted by a number of more specific parameters, such as appearance, income, preferences, etc.  Keep in mind that it allows the search for potential partners from other countries, as well. 

Sign-up Process

The sign-up process is simple and fast. You need to provide general information about yourself, and then fill in a short questionnaire to describe whom you are interested in meeting. When this is done, you can start using the site. Please note that there is no need to verify your e-mail address, so if you prefer a speedy registration process, then this is exactly the place for you.

Membership Prices

If you are a lady, access to all site’s features will not cost you a cent. As for men, you will need to purchase credits, which can be used for participating in various online dating activities. There are no subscription packages for a certain period of time like on other sites. If you buy 1000 credits you receive a "Success Guarantee”, which gives you the right to apply for a refund. 

Brand Quality, Member Security & Site Safety

The site has a clean layout and intuitive interface. In addition, there are short descriptions which explain the functions of all the features which are presented on the site.  These explanations help you to understand what each feature is about and how to use it.
For obvious reasons, lots of members do not want to be recognised by someone they might know in real life. For such members the site offers an option to blur their profile photos and keep their membership on the site discreet. The option can be enabled before your photo is uploaded. Such profiles have a badge declaring "please respect my discretionary requirements".
Another good privacy measure is that you can place your profile pictures in a ‘private gallery’, and show them only to the members who ask.
The payment page of the site is protected with an SSL certificate, so you can be sure that all transactions made on this site are safe. Also, do not worry that your bank statement will reveal your membership, as the name of the site will not be mentioned 

Bottom Line

While being smartly designed and having a very simple ease of use, the site brings you lots of potential frisky and flirty interactions both online and off. So, if you feel like you are stuck in a rut of marital life and need some kind of emotional release, join this dating site and get involved in a thrilling liaison.